My instinct is something my parents do not like. So I'm going to take this up with less support than I used to have. My name is Andres and I am 23 years old. If you just arrived at this virtual place I would like you to know that I love editing videos. I also work photography, but the format is violated every day, so I prefer to immerse myself in the videos. They seem to tell me something else.

This place collects my most precious work as a portfolio, who knows if someday it will feed me or make me travel. Probably contains text; A reflection on what I present. I would like your opinion. I start from zero, again, with a lot of instinct.

Instinct did, years ago, that Laura Alday and I worked together for a university project. Laura had also moved in with a good friend, Niko. I have not heard from him for some time, they tell me that he works for a luxury brand. I always ask for him. Because that day Niko was not home either, he was working.

It's easy to get inspired with Laura. With her, I find what I imagine in less than a second and suddenly everything is complete in one shot. So we went to the Plaza de Dos de Mayo (after shooting) to have a few beers. And Laura introduced me to the reason for her joy, or one of them. Is there still some hope for the single boys? It's a joke, I do not want a partner.

I present you Instinct: a collection of instincts. And mom, if I try to provoke, nothing further than me, a change.


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